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Join us October 30, 2021 for a birthing and neonatal clinic taught by Cheryl Dewitt, DVM.
The class consists of 5 lectures:
1. Female reproduction/breeding
evaluation and strategies
2. Pregnancy-diagnosis and support
3. Normal deliveries
4. Birthing emergencies-
What you can and cannot do.
5. Neonatal care
The afternoon will consist of a hands on wet lab where you will learn to diagnose and deal with problems that may arise.

Welcome to Tierra Prometida--Texas raised, Texas proud

Snowmass Elite Legend--Bringing Legends to TEXAS
TP Matrix Jubilee

The Deschner Family

Tierra Prometida

Tierra Prometida Alpaca Ranch is located about 15 miles west of San Marcos, TX on Ranch Road 32 between Austin and San Antonio. The ranch is situated on a winding, scenic ridge known locally as The Devil's Backbone. Tierra Prometida is Spanish for "Promised Land" and the property is a haven for a rich variety of trees and birds.

We have a herd that is entirely huacaya and consists of about 100 alpacas. We own or co-own several world class herdsires: Snowmass Elite Legend, Snowmass Touche', and TP Matrix Jubilee. We always have a new group of exceptional young junior herdsires that are up and coming. Currently we are introducing 3 young and up and coming herdsires: Man in the Moon Titan, Amber Autumn Zig Zag, and TP Whispered Envy of Legend.

Our mission at Tierra Prometida has always been to develop an exceptional herd of pedigreed alpacas that exhibit elite characteristics in conformation, fiber quality, and temperament using the most objective scientific tools that we currently have available--EPD's and Skin Biopsies. We are continually trying to improve the quality of our herd and believe in continued, lifelong learning.

We enjoy showing our alpacas on a nationally competitive level because it is a measuring stick for objectively assessing our breeding program and whether we are meeting our goals. If we haven't met you yet, please come by and introduce yourself at one of the shows.

Tierra Prometida is the oldest and most experienced alpaca ranch in the Texas Hill Country. We have learned to deal with the challenges (e.g. the heat) and the blessings (e.g. the mild winters) of this particular environment and enjoy sharing our experience and knowledge of alpacas with new breeders.

For more information, contact us at

Most of our EPD's are public. These may be useful to you as you try to objectively chose animals for your breeding program....I know it is useful to me!

We can offer flexible/creative financing options. Generally we will accept 25% down and offer prime plus 1% on interest for payments. Anything paid in full before 6 months will be interest free. For purchases over $10,000 we will finance over 1-4 years.